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This is what our houses look like... If you wanna have a (serious) presentation of Toulouse, just click on the flag. Have a look at Toulouse's best adresses? click on the map. See straight now an album of images? click on the castle.

For those who do not even know where France is, there is definitely no hope. Tip : my home is over there.

Now I can show dad's office (it's not a joke this time!)... In fact, he's working just behind the lovely building which is the hospital's chappell where I've already given many concerts. Its name is Saint-Nicolas de La Grave.

My bathroom... No! It's the channel along our Garonne. There, beautiful cruises can be made, especially for springtime.

Thanks to me, our rugby team won the first European Rugby Cup. Then they insisted and put these lovely flags under my bedroom windows. Nice, hey ?

You won't believe me if I tell you it's my playground... but it used to be! This is a genuine living city with the wonderful Saint-Nazaire cathedral. My latest concert there was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem. You can't pass by and ignore it.

And last, go and see my home engineer school ENSEEIHT in France (left) and my host university McGill in Canada (right). Click and Enjoy!

Thus if you wanna have a look at my business resumé, just click on the Concorde.

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