Why « ip » and « vraiip » ?

That is the question...

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What does

stand for ?

This page has been made to answer the high-frequency question printed on the top. And despite of it, I know I'll still have to explain it many more times...

Anyway, the story begins in the countryside, 15 km away from Toulouse, when I was not a teenager yet. My dog had just had many puppies I used to play with. Thus I tried to put a word on their cries : "Nip".

But this would have remained unnoticed if I havn't brought this new game to school. The purpose was to produce the highest sound saying "Nip"--easy and funny with a boy's voice. Since such a high sound could be heard from the opposite side of the playing yard, it became a signal for a couple of friends of mine.


We thus had created a sort of gang, the Nips, where all my friends were the small nips while I was the great Nip. You just had to manage producing a high enough nip sound and be my friend to become a small nip. Don't be afraid, it was nothing really serious but a matter of having fun together.

Since then, and since it was a very useful three-letter nickname for the video games or pinball when you win, Nip is like a part of me.

Now that you are bored to death--but if you ask me about that again, I'll bore you again and again--you can go back to more interesting subjects.

Yikes! I've just been told by a friend of mine that I didn't talk about 'vrainip'...

Actually, when I came into McGill University and registered, I was asked to choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Since Montréal is in the province of Québec, everything has to be translated into French and the PIN became NIP (Numéro d'identification personnel), alas! A couple of days after, I had to choose a username for the Computer Lab... I reacted by typing 'vrainip', but now I regret a bit since NIP is not that often used here. Anyway, my next username shall be 'nip' for sure. I promise.

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